30 Day Full Body Group Challenge

30 Day Full Body Group Challenge

This program is not for the faint of heart. In 30 days you will improve total body strength using bodyweight movements, light dumbbells, core work and light cardiac training. There are rest days included which will make all 30 days safe yet effective.

How many days/How long?

This program should take 15-25 min a day. This program follows a schedule of 3 days of training, 1 Rest Day and repeat(30 days total). This program is for beginners or intermediate.

Required equipment:

Dumbbells(heavy weight NOT suggested).
(optional)Resistance Bands-multiple strengths, Yoga mat, foam roller

Here’s a link for equipment I'd suggest(multiple price options).

How will the Challenge be delivered?

The Matt Lane Fitness app  
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls - to keep you accountable, share perspectives of each challenger, clarify any questions and work on the mental fitness aspects for your progress
  • Groups - made up of people that are starting the same program as you! You can interact, share progress and cheer each other on!
  • Track Progress - upload photos, take body measurements, compare to show progress and more!
  • Calendar - each day will be laid out with instructional videos, sets, reps
  • So much more! 

Bought the Challenge....now what?  

You will recieve 2 emails that will walk you through the steps of setting up the app. Next you need to complete the next steps once inside the Matt Lane Fitness app.

By purchasing a Challenge or Program you are agreeing that if you miss 3 days total of training or nutrition tracking you will be ejected from the Challenge or Program and there will not be a refund. By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms of service By purchasing you agree to not hold Matt Lane, Matt Lane Fitness and/or the Matt Lane Fitness Store responsible for any injuries, health problems and/or death you may experience as a result of using any products or services from MattLaneFitness.com or 

MattLaneFitness.Store. You should consult with you physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.