Free 5 Day Fit Test


The point of the Free 5 Day Fit Test is to see where you are in your fitness journey right now while also getting a glimpse at how things work inside of the Matt Lane Fitness app. You'll get to see features and how efficient things can be for your goals. No commitments. Just a look under the hood to see if it's right for you.

How many days/How long are workouts?

5 days inside the app/5-25 min workouts

Required equipment:

You will have option of

bodyweight workouts or full gym workouts.

How will the Free 5 Day Fit Test be delivered?

Everything will be delivered through the Matt Lane Fitness app.  


What do I get with this Free 5 Day Free Test? 

  • Full Access to Matt Lane Fitness App - for 5 days
  • Fitness Assessment - The "1 Min Test" will see where you're at in your fitness journey
  • 5 Different Styles of Workouts - instructional videos for each exercise
  • Daily To Do List On Your In App Calendar - each day will be laid out on your calendar for you with clear instructions on what you need to do to keep making progress
  • Be Apart of Groups - made up of like minded people that are wanting to be Better Than Yesterday Everyday! You can text, interact, share progress and cheer each other on inside of the app!
  • Track Progress - upload photos, take body measurements, compare to show progress and more.
  • Accomplishment Badges - when you hit a milestone you'll receive a digital badge inside the app that you can share to social media
  • You'll have Support - You'll have support and be able to ask questions if you don't understand something 
  • So much more! 

Joined the Free 5 Day Fit what?  

You will receive 2 emails that will walk you through the steps of setting up the app. Next you need to complete the next steps once inside the Matt Lane Fitness app.

By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms of service. By purchasing you agree to not hold Matthew Lane or Matt Lane Fitness, LLC responsible for any injuries, health complications and/or death you may experience as a result of using any products and/or services from MattLaneFitness.comYou should consult with you physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.